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LeetCode Beginner to Expert Road Path 2


129. Sum Root to Leaf Numbers

112. Path Sum

814. Binary Tree Pruning

Divide and conquer

912. Sort an Array Merge Sort

153. Find Minimum in Rotated Sorted Array Binary Search

169. Majority Element

Linked List

148. Sort List

206. Reverse Linked List

24. Swap Nodes in Pairs

Binary Search Tree (BST)

108. Convert Sorted Array to Binary Search Tree Recursion + Divide and Conquer

230. Kth Smallest Element in a BST

700. Search in a Binary Search Tree


841. Keys and Rooms (DFS)

200. Number of Islands Traverse connected components (DFS)

133. Clone Graph Queue + Hashtable

Search / Backtracking (DFS/BFS)

79. Search Word (DFS)

17. Letter Combinations of a Phone Number Combination

37. Sudoku Solver (DFS)

Binary Search

99. Recover Binary Search Tree

74. Search a 2D Matrix

35. Search Insert Position

Two Pointers

977. Squares of a Sorted Array (QuickSort/MergeSort)

167. Two Sum II – Input array is sorted

917. Reverse Only Letters

Dynamic Programing

279. Perfect Squares

198. House Robber

85. Maximal Rectangle (Hard)

To be continue…