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1. Greeting (問候): Hand position is at chest level, fingers are brought together, and a slight nod accompanies the gesture. (手的位置在胸前,手指攏在一起,伴隨輕微點頭動作)

2. Requesting Attention (請求注意): Hand is raised, palm facing outward, with fingers extended. The movement involves raising and lowering the hand repeatedly. (舉手,手掌朝外,手指伸展,動作是反覆舉起和放下手)

3. Permission (徵求許可): Hand is extended, palm facing up, and fingers are slightly curled. The gesture includes a subtle tilting motion. (手伸出,手掌朝上,手指輕微彎曲,動作包括微傾的動作)

4. Disapproval (不同意): Crossed arms with a stern facial expression, fingers tapping or pointing downward. (雙臂交叉,臉部表情嚴厲,手指敲打或指向下方)

5. Agreement (同意): A firm handshake with direct eye contact and a nod. (堅定的握手,直接的眼神接觸,並伴隨點頭)

6. Denying or Rejecting (拒絕): Hand moves in a cutting motion across the neck, palm facing down. (手以橫向劃動,手掌朝下,表示拒絕)

7. Applause (鼓掌): Hands brought together with fingers extended, creating a clapping motion. (雙手攏在一起,手指伸展,形成拍手的動作)

8. Encouragement (鼓勵): Thumbs up with a smile, indicating approval or support. (竖起大拇指微笑,表示贊同或支持)

9. Time-out (暫停): Both hands held up with palms facing outward, signaling a pause or break. (雙手舉起,手掌朝外,表示暫停或休息)

10. OK (正確): Forming a circle with the thumb and index finger, other fingers extended. (用大拇指和食指形成一個圓圈,其他手指伸展)

11. Call Me (打電話給我): Thumb and pinky extended, other fingers closed, mimicking a phone. (大拇指和小指伸展,其他手指合攏,模擬打電話的動作)

12. Victory (勝利): Raised hand with the index and middle fingers forming a V shape. (舉起手,食指和中指形成V形狀)

13. I Don’t Know (不知道): Shrug shoulders with palms facing upward and open hands. (聳肩,手掌朝上,雙手張開,表示不知道)

14. I’m Sorry (對不起): Hand placed over the heart, accompanied by a sincere expression. (手放在心口上,伴隨著誠懇的表情)

15. Thumbs Down (不好): Thumb pointed downward to indicate disapproval. (大拇指向下表示不同意)

16. Hush or Silence (安靜): Index finger placed vertically over closed lips. (食指豎立在閉合的嘴唇上,表示安靜)

17. Pointing (指向): Index finger extended, pointing in a specific direction. (伸出食指,指向特定方向)

18. Money (金錢): Fingers rubbing together in a pinching motion, symbolizing money. (手指一起捻動,象徵金錢)

19. Thumbs Up (讚): Thumb pointed upward to indicate approval or agreement. (大拇指向上表示贊同或同意)

20. Waving Goodbye (揮手告別): Hand raised and moved side to side, fingers slightly spread. (手舉起,搖晃左右,手指輕微分開)

1. Holding Hands (牽手): Interlocking fingers while walking or standing side by side. (手指緊扣在一起,一同行走或並肩站立)

2. Hug (擁抱): Arms wrapped around each other, providing a warm embrace. (雙臂環繞對方,形成溫暖的擁抱)

3. Forehead Kiss (親吻額頭): Lightly pressing lips to the forehead as a tender gesture. (輕輕親吻額頭,表示溫柔的姿態)

4. Hand on Shoulder (搭手肩): Placing hand on the partner’s shoulder for a comforting touch. (將手搭在伴侶的肩膀上,帶有安慰的觸感)

5. Cheek Kiss (親吻臉頰): Gently kissing the partner’s cheek, expressing affection. (輕柔親吻伴侶的臉頰,表達深深的情感)

6. Nose Boop (輕觸鼻尖): Playfully tapping or pressing noses together. (俏皮地輕輕碰觸或壓在一起的鼻尖)

7. Intertwined Fingers (纏繞手指): Holding hands with fingers entwined, symbolizing a strong connection. (手牽手,手指緊密交錯,象徵著深厚的情感)

8. Back Hug (背後擁抱): Embracing from behind, wrapping arms around the partner’s waist. (背後擁抱,雙臂環繞在伴侶的腰間)

9. Shoulder Squeeze (肩部擠壓): Gently squeezing the partner’s shoulder as a supportive gesture. (輕柔地擠壓伴侶的肩膀,表示支持)

10. Thumb Wrestle (拇指摔角): Interlocking thumbs and playfully trying to pin down the other’s thumb. (拇指緊扣,俏皮地嘗試按住對方的拇指)

11. Ear Whisper (耳語): Speaking softly or whispering into the partner’s ear. (輕聲說話或在伴侶耳邊低語)

12. Hand Kiss (親吻手背): Gently kissing the back of the partner’s hand. (輕柔親吻伴侶手背)

13. Hair Caress (撫摸頭髮): Running fingers through the partner’s hair in a gentle, soothing manner. (以柔和的方式在伴侶頭髮中撫摸)

14. Pinky Promise (小指承諾): Hooking pinky fingers together to make a promise. (將小指勾在一起,做出承諾的動作)

15. Arm Linking (搭手臂): Looping arms together while walking side by side. (雙方手臂環繞在一起,並肩行走)

16. Nose Rub (摩擦鼻子): Gently rubbing noses together in an affectionate manner. (輕柔地摩擦鼻子,表示深深的愛意)

17. Pinky Swear (小指起誓): Hooking pinky fingers together and making a promise with a sworn oath. (將小指勾在一起,並發誓做出承諾)

18. Arm Rest (手臂依靠): Resting head or arm on the partner’s shoulder for comfort. (將頭或手臂靠在伴侶的肩膀上,以獲得安慰)

19. Hand Heart (手愛心): Creating a heart shape by forming hands together. (雙手緊密合攏,形成一個心形)

20. Nose-to-Nose Stare (鼻子對著鼻子凝視): Getting close and staring into each other’s eyes with noses touching. (貼近並凝視對方的眼睛,鼻子互相接觸)

1. Giving a Thumbs Up (竖起大拇指): Thumb raised, other fingers folded into the palm. (竖起大拇指,其他手指折叠在掌心)

2. Making a Peace Sign (比心手勢): Index and middle fingers extended, forming a V shape. (食指和中指伸展,形成V形)

3. Pointing Forward (指向前方): Index finger extended, pointing straight ahead. (伸出食指,直指前方)

4. Clapping Hands (拍手): Palms brought together forcefully, creating a clapping sound. (掌心強力碰撞在一起,發出拍手聲)

5. Crossed Fingers (交叉手指): Two fingers crossed over each other, typically index and middle fingers. (兩根手指交叉,通常是食指和中指)

6. Thumbs Down (竖起大拇指嫌弃): Thumb pointed downward, other fingers folded into the palm. (大拇指指向下方,其他手指折叠在掌心)

7. Making a Heart Shape (愛心手勢): Forming a heart shape with both hands by joining the thumbs and index fingers. (雙手合十,用拇指和食指形成心形)

8. Rock and Roll Sign (搖滾手勢): Extended index and pinky fingers, other fingers folded. (伸出食指和小指,其他手指折叠)

9. Okay Sign (OK手勢): Forming a circle with the thumb and index finger, other fingers extended. (用拇指和食指形成一個圓圈,其他手指伸展)

10. Salute (敬禮): Hand raised to the forehead, fingers together. (手舉至額前,手指緊貼在一起)

11. Counting Three (數三): Three fingers extended, other fingers folded into the palm. (伸出三根手指,其他手指折叠在掌心)

12. Shaka Sign (夏威夷問好手勢): Thumb and pinky extended, other fingers folded. (伸出拇指和小指,其他手指折叠)

13. Making a Fist (握拳): Fingers curled into a tight fist. (手指緊握成拳)

14. Pointing Up (指向上方): Index finger extended, pointing upward. (伸出食指,指向上方)

15. Hang Loose Sign (放鬆手勢): Extended thumb and pinky, other fingers folded. (伸出拇指和小指,其他手指折叠)

16. Finger Gun (手指槍): Index finger pointed forward, thumb raised to form a gun shape. (食指指向前方,大拇指竖起形成槍形)

17. Facepalm (扶額): Hand brought to the face with fingers spread, expressing disbelief or frustration. (手掌貼在臉上,手指分開,表示不信或沮喪)

18. Holding an Imaginary Object (握住虛擬物品): Hand positioned as if holding something invisible, fingers slightly curled. (手勢彷彿握住看不見的東西,手指輕微彎曲)

19. Making Quotation Marks (打引號手勢): Forming quotation marks in the air with both hands using the index and middle fingers. (雙手用食指和中指在空中形成引號)

20. Waving Hello (揮手打招呼): Hand raised and moved back and forth, fingers slightly spread. (手舉起,搖晃前後,手指輕微分開)

1. Tapping Fingers (急切地敲手指): Fingers tapping rapidly on a surface or in the air. (手指在表面或空中急速敲擊)

2. Clenching Fists (緊握拳頭): Hands forming tight fists, knuckles may turn white. (雙手握緊成拳,指關節可能變白)

3. Pacing Back and Forth (來回踱步): Alternating steps forward and backward in a hurried manner. (急促地來回踱步,交替向前和向後迈步)

4. Drumming Fingers on Surface (在表面敲打手指): Rapidly tapping fingers on a flat surface. (在平面表面急速敲打手指)

5. Biting Nails (咬指甲): Bringing fingers to the mouth and biting the nails nervously. (把手指送到嘴巴,緊張地咬指甲)

6. Tugging at Hair (撕扯頭髮): Pulling or tugging at hair strands out of anxiousness. (因焦慮而拉扯或撕扯頭髮)

7. Rubbing Hands Together (擦手): Rubbing palms together briskly in a repetitive motion. (迅速地反覆搓揉掌心)

8. Checking Watch Frequently (頻繁查看手錶): Glancing at the watch repeatedly, showing impatience. (反覆地看手錶,顯示出不耐煩)

9. Pounding on a Surface (猛敲表面): Striking a surface forcefully with the palm or fist. (用手掌或拳頭猛力敲擊表面)

10. Tapping Foot Rapidly (急速踢腳): Repeatedly tapping one foot on the ground in a fast-paced manner. (以快節奏反覆地在地面上踢腳)

11. Pulling at Collar (拉扯領口): Nervously pulling at the collar of clothing with fingers. (焦慮地用手指拉扯衣領)

12. Wringing Hands (揉搓雙手): Rubbing hands together with fingers intertwined, expressing distress. (雙手揉搓,手指交織在一起,表達不安)

13. Poking Fingers Together (互相戳指): Pointing fingers together, tapping or poking each other in a repetitive manner. (手指指向一起,反覆地戳或戳)

14. Pacing in Circles (圓圈內踱步): Walking in circular patterns, indicating restlessness. (以圓圈方式行走,表示焦躁不安)

15. Tapping Temple (輕敲太陽穴): Gently tapping fingers on the temples, a sign of anxiety or frustration. (輕輕地在太陽穴上敲打手指,表示焦慮或沮喪)

16. Grasping at Air (抓空氣): Reaching out with open hands as if trying to grasp something intangible. (張開雙手,彷彿試圖抓住無形的東西)

17. Bouncing Leg (輕輕踢腿): Repeatedly bouncing one leg up and down in a rapid manner. (以快速節奏反覆地踢腿)

18. Scratching Head (抓頭): Using fingers to scratch the head in a restless manner. (用手指焦躁地抓頭)

19. Tapping Chin (輕敲下巴): Gently tapping fingers on the chin, a gesture of deep thought or impatience. (輕輕地在下巴上敲打手指,表示深思或不耐煩)

20. Biting Lip (咬嘴唇): Nervously biting or chewing on the lip with the teeth. (焦慮地用牙齒咬或嚼嘴唇)

1. Covering Face with Hands (捂臉): Hands placed over the face, fingers partially covering the eyes. (雙手放在臉上,手指部分遮擋住眼睛)

2. Twisting Hair Strands (撥弄頭髮): Fingers twirling or playing with strands of hair nervously. (手指焦慮地捻弄或玩弄頭髮)

3. Fidgeting with Clothing (玩弄衣物): Playing with the edges of clothing or adjusting sleeves, avoiding eye contact. (玩弄衣物邊緣或調整袖子,避免眼神交流)

4. Hiding Behind Hands (躲在手後): Hands placed in front of the face, partially covering it, as if hiding. (雙手放在臉前,部分遮擋住臉,彷彿在躲藏)

5. Avoiding Eye Contact (避免眼神接觸): Eyes looking down or away, hands fidgeting or playing with each other. (眼睛低垂或遠離,雙手緊張地玩弄)

6. Shuffling Feet (挪動腳步): Shifting weight from one foot to another, toes tapping nervously on the ground. (將重心從一隻腳轉移到另一隻,腳趾焦慮地在地面上輕拍)

7. Crossing Arms (交叉雙臂): Arms crossed over the chest, creating a protective barrier. (雙臂交叉於胸前,形成保護屏障)

8. Playing with Jewelry (戴飾品): Fingers nervously touching or twisting jewelry, such as rings or necklaces. (手指焦慮地觸摸或扭動飾品,如戒指或項鍊)

9. Stuttered Hand Gestures (結巴手勢): Hesitant or stuttered hand movements, fingers unsure of where to settle. (手勢猶豫或結巴,手指不確定該停留在哪裡)

10. Hugging Self (擁抱自己): Arms wrapped around the body, creating a self-embrace gesture. (雙臂纏繞在身體周圍,形成自我擁抱的手勢)

11. Playing with Fingers (玩弄手指): Fingers intertwined or rubbing against each other nervously. (手指交織或焦慮地相互摩擦)

12. Hunching Shoulders (耸肩): Shoulders raised and hunched, hands possibly covering part of the face. (肩膀抬高並耸起,雙手可能部分遮擋臉)

13. Tucking Hair Behind Ear (撥弄耳後頭髮): Tucking hair behind the ear with a subtle and shy movement. (用羞澀的動作將頭髮撥到耳後)

14. Nervous Hand Wrapping (緊張的手包裹): Hands wrapping around each other or themselves in a tense manner. (雙手緊張地纏繞在一起或自己周圍)

15. Finger Tapping (手指敲擊): Nervously tapping fingers on a surface or against each other. (焦慮地在表面或彼此之間敲擊手指)

16. Shy Smile with Hand Covering Mouth (害羞微笑遮嘴): Smiling with a hand covering the mouth, eyes looking away. (微笑時用手遮住嘴,眼睛遠離)

17. Stiff Posture with Hands Clasped (僵硬的姿勢雙手交叉): Standing or sitting with a rigid posture, hands tightly clasped together. (以僵硬的姿勢站立或坐著,雙手緊緊交叉)

18. Nervous Hand Fidgeting (手部緊張的亂動): Constantly fidgeting with hands, fingers moving in a restless manner. (持續不斷地亂動手部,手指焦躁地移動)

19. Glancing Sideways (側目一瞥): Timidly glancing to the side, hands subtly fidgeting. (羞澀地側目一瞥,手部輕微地亂動)

20. Shying Away (躲避): Leaning back or stepping back slightly, hands positioned defensively. (稍微往後傾或退後,雙手防守性地放置)

1. Hand on Chest (手放在胸前): One hand placed gently on the chest, expressing a calm state. (一手輕輕放在胸前,表達平靜狀態)

2. Resting Chin on Hand (托腮): Resting the chin on the hand, fingers supporting the face in a relaxed manner. (手撐著下巴,手指輕輕支撐著臉)

3. Crossed Arms (交叉雙臂): Arms crossed over the chest, conveying a neutral or thoughtful posture. (雙臂交叉於胸前,呈現出中立或思考的姿勢)

4. Fingers Interlocked (手指環繞): Fingers interlocked, hands resting on a surface or in the lap. (手指環繞在一起,手放在表面或膝蓋上)

5. Hands on Hips (雙手擺在腰際): Both hands resting on the hips, fingers relaxed and open. (雙手擺在腰際,手指輕鬆自然)

6. Leaning on Table (手撐在桌上): Leaning forward with hands resting on a table, fingers loosely gripping the edge. (身體前傾,雙手放在桌上,手指輕輕握住邊緣)

7. Holding a Pen (握筆): Holding a pen or pencil with a relaxed grip, ready for writing. (輕鬆握住筆或鉛筆,準備寫字)

8. Clasping Hands (雙手緊握): Both hands clasped together, fingers entwined, showing composure. (雙手緊緊緊握在一起,手指交織,表現出沉著冷靜)

9. Tapping Fingers on Table (在桌上敲打手指): Lightly tapping fingers on a surface, expressing a composed or contemplative mood. (輕輕在桌面上敲打手指,表現出冷靜或深思的情緒)

10. Holding a Book (握住書本): Holding a book with one hand, fingers comfortably supporting the pages. (單手握住書本,手指輕鬆支撐著頁面)

11. Pointing with Index Finger (用食指指向): Index finger pointing in a specific direction, hand in a natural position. (食指指向特定方向,手呈自然姿勢)

12. Resting Hands on Knees (手放在膝蓋上): Hands resting on the knees, fingers relaxed, indicating a calm demeanor. (雙手放在膝蓋上,手指輕鬆,表示出平靜的風度)

13. Holding a Smartphone (握住手機): Holding a smartphone with a gentle grip, fingers comfortably supporting the device. (輕輕握住手機,手指輕鬆支撐著裝置)

14. Gesturing Open Palms (手心張開): Palms facing upward in an open gesture, expressing openness or receptiveness. (手心向上張開,表示開放或接納)

15. Pressing Palms Together (雙手合十): Palms pressed together in a prayer-like gesture, fingers aligned. (雙手合十,手心緊貼在一起,手指排列整齊)

16. Holding a Mug (握住杯子): Holding a mug with both hands, fingers wrapped around the handle. (雙手握住杯子,手指纏繞在把手周圍)

17. Nodding Hands in Agreement (擺手表示同意): Nodding hands gently up and down, fingers relaxed, indicating agreement. (雙手輕輕上下擺動,手指放鬆,表示同意)

18. Resting Elbows on Armrests (手肘放在扶手上): Elbows resting on armrests, hands positioned comfortably. (手肘放在扶手上,手部輕鬆舒適)

19. Supporting Chin with Hand (用手托住下巴): Supporting the chin with one hand, fingers gently resting on the face. (用一手托住下巴,手指輕輕放在臉上)

20. Holding a Folder (握住文件夾): Holding a folder with one hand, fingers lightly gripping the edges. (單手握住文件夾,手指輕輕握住邊緣)

1. Clenching Fists (握拳): Both hands tightly clenched into fists, knuckles may turn white. (雙手緊緊握拳,指關節可能變白)

2. Pointing Finger Accusatively (指責指): Pointing one finger forward in an accusatory manner. (以指尖指向前方,表達責難之情)

3. Slamming Fist on Table (拍桌子): Forcefully striking the table with a closed fist. (用握緊的拳頭強力地敲打桌子)

4. Shaking Fist in Anger (憤怒搖拳): Shaking a clenched fist vigorously in a display of anger. (用握緊的拳頭生氣地激烈搖晃)

5. Banging Fist Against Palm (擊掌拳): Repeatedly hitting one fist against the open palm of the other hand. (將一隻拳頭反覆地擊打在另一隻手掌上)

6. Finger-Pointing Scold (指責性責罵): Pointing a finger while expressing strong disapproval or scolding. (一邊指著,一邊表示強烈的不滿或責罵)

7. Slamming Door Shut (生氣關門): Closing a door forcefully with the hand in a frustrated manner. (用手生氣地強力關上門)

8. Double Fist Shake (雙拳激動搖晃): Shaking both fists simultaneously in an agitated manner. (同時激動地搖晃雙拳)

9. Thumbs Down Gesture (咒罵的拇指): Extending the thumb downward in a disapproving gesture. (將大拇指向下伸展,表示不贊成)

10. Hand Slam on Table (手砰桌子): Forcefully slamming the open hand onto a surface in frustration. (用手掌生氣地砰地一聲擊打桌面)

11. Finger Snap in Displeasure (不滿的手指彈): Snapping fingers abruptly in a displeased manner. (用手指突然地啪一聲,表示不滿)

12. Hand Squeezing Stress Ball (握緊應力球): Squeezing a stress ball with intense force using one hand. (用一隻手強力地握住應力球)

13. Slamming Fist into Palm (擊掌拳): Striking one fist forcefully into the open palm of the other hand. (將一隻拳頭強力地擊打在另一隻手掌上)

14. Hand Chop Gesture (手劈動作): Making a chopping motion with one hand to emphasize anger. (用一隻手做劈的動作以強調憤怒)

15. Punching Gesture (揮拳擊): Mimicking a punching motion in the air with a closed fist. (模擬在空中揮舞握緊的拳頭)

16. Fingers Digging into Palm (手指插入手掌): Digging fingers into the palm of the hand to release frustration. (用手指插入手掌以釋放壓力)

17. Hand Slap on Surface (手掌拍桌): Slapping the open hand forcefully on a surface in anger. (用手掌生氣地拍打在桌面上)

18. Fist Pump in Anger (憤怒握拳): Pumping a clenched fist in the air to express anger or frustration. (握緊的拳頭在空中做揚動的動作,表達憤怒或沮喪)

19. Throwing Hands Up in Exasperation (絕望舉手): Tossing both hands up in the air in a gesture of exasperation. (將雙手舉起來,表示絕望)

20. Hand Wringing in Anguish (手心磨擦): Rubbing both hands together forcefully in a display of inner turmoil. (用雙手強力地擦揉在一起,表達內心的煩憂)

1. Shoulder Shrug (聳肩): Raising both shoulders in a dismissive manner, hands hanging loosely. (雙肩一挑,手放鬆垂下)

2. Air Quotes (空中引號): Using fingers to make quotation marks in the air, expressing doubt or sarcasm. (用手指在空中做引號狀,表示懷疑或諷刺)

3. Chin Tilt (仰頭翹下巴): Tilting the chin upward with a slight smirk, indicating indifference. (微微一笑,仰起下巴,表示漠不關心)

4. Side Eye Glance (斜眼瞄): Casting a sidelong glance with narrowed eyes, hands casually resting. (斜眼瞄,眼神狹長,手隨意擱放)

5. Lip Pout (噘嘴): Pouting lips slightly, hands in pockets or crossed casually. (微微噘嘴,手插在口袋或悠閒交叉)

6. Finger Snap (手指彈): Snapping fingers abruptly to emphasize a nonchalant attitude. (突然用手指啪一聲,強調一種冷淡的態度)

7. Lazy Wrist Flick (懶散手腕擺動): Nonchalantly flicking the wrist, hand hanging loosely. (懶散地擺動手腕,手放鬆垂下)

8. Eye Roll (翻白眼): Rolling eyes in a dismissive manner, hands at the sides or crossed. (以一種不屑的眼神翻動眼珠,手擺放在兩側或交叉)

9. Nose Tilt (仰鼻): Tilting the nose upward with a haughty expression, hands relaxed. (以一種傲慢的表情,將鼻子仰起,手放鬆)

10. Casual Hand Wave (悠閒揮手): Waving the hand casually with a carefree attitude, fingers loose. (悠閒地揮動手,手指放鬆)

11. Single Eyebrow Raise (挑一根眉毛): Raising one eyebrow in a skeptical or disdainful manner, hands casually at the sides. (挑起一根眉毛,表現出懷疑或不屑,手悠閒地擺在兩側)

12. Chin Flick (下巴輕彈): Lightly flicking the chin upward, hands in pockets or casually crossed. (輕輕向上彈動下巴,手插在口袋或悠閒交叉)

13. Wrist Twirl (手腕轉動): Twirling the wrist in a nonchalant manner, fingers relaxed. (以一種漠不關心的方式轉動手腕,手指放鬆)

14. Dismissive Hand Gesture (優越手勢): Making a dismissive hand motion, waving away with indifference. (做一個輕蔑的手勢,漠不關心地揮手)

15. Chin Rest (下巴懶散擱): Resting the chin on a hand or surface, portraying a relaxed attitude. (將下巴懶散地擱在手上或表面上,呈現出輕鬆的態度)

16. Casual Finger Point (悠閒指點): Pointing a finger casually in a direction, hand hanging loosely. (悠閒地用手指指向一個方向,手放鬆垂下)

17. Distant Stare (遙望): Staring into the distance with a detached expression, hands at the sides. (以一種超然的表情凝視遠方,手擺放在兩側)

18. Tongue Click (嘴裡咂舌): Making a clicking sound with the tongue to express disapproval, hands at ease. (用舌頭發出咂的聲音表示不贊同,手悠閒自在)

19. Loose Arm Cross (悠閒交叉手臂): Casually crossing arms, hands hanging loosely, displaying indifference. (悠閒地交叉手臂,手放鬆垂下,顯示出冷淡)

20. Mocking Clap (嘲笑拍手): Clapping hands mockingly with a sarcastic expression, fingers loosely apart. (以一種諷刺的表情嘲笑地拍手,手指悠閒地分開)

1. Hands in Pockets (手插口袋): Hands casually inserted into pockets, fingers relaxed. (雙手隨意插入口袋,手指放鬆)

2. Leaning Back with Hands Behind Head (仰身手放後頸): Leaning back with hands clasped behind the head, fingers interlocked. (仰身,雙手交叉放在後頸後,手指交織)

3. Cross-Legged Sitting with Hands Resting on Knees (交腳坐姿手擱膝上): Sitting cross-legged with hands casually resting on knees, fingers loosely placed. (交腳坐姿,雙手隨意擱在膝蓋上,手指放鬆)

4. One Arm Resting on Back of Chair (單手擱在椅背上): One arm casually resting on the back of a chair, fingers dangling. (單手隨意擱在椅背上,手指垂下)

5. Chin Rest on Palm (下巴擱在手心): Resting the chin on one hand, fingers gently supporting the face. (下巴擱在一只手心上,手指輕輕支撐著臉)

6. Hands Behind Back (雙手擱在後背): Both hands placed behind the back, fingers loosely interlocked. (雙手擱在後背,手指輕鬆地交織)

7. Finger Tapping on Surface (手指敲擊表面): Gently tapping fingers on a surface in a rhythmic and relaxed manner. (手指以輕鬆有節奏地敲擊表面)

8. One Arm Draped Over Couch (單臂懶散擱在沙發上): One arm lazily draped over the back of a couch, fingers hanging loosely. (單臂懶散地擱在沙發的背上,手指垂下)

9. Foot Resting on Knee with Hands Folded (腳擱在膝蓋上手交叉): One foot resting on the opposite knee, hands casually folded, fingers intertwined. (一只腳擱在對膝上,雙手隨意交叉,手指糾纏)

10. Hands Cupped Behind Head (雙手擱在後頸後): Both hands cupped and placed behind the head, fingers relaxed. (雙手呈杯狀擱在後頸後,手指放鬆)

11. Hand Resting on Belly (手擱在肚子上): One hand casually resting on the belly, fingers lightly touching. (一只手隨意擱在肚子上,手指輕輕觸碰)

12. Hands Draped Over Armrests (雙手懶散擱在扶手上): Both hands lazily draped over the armrests of a chair, fingers hanging freely. (雙手懶散地擱在椅子扶手上,手指自由垂掛)

13. Hand Holding a Beverage (手持飲料): Holding a beverage with one hand, fingers loosely gripping the container. (一只手持飲料,手指輕鬆地握住容器)

14. Hands Crossed on Lap (雙手交叉擱在膝蓋上): Crossing hands on the lap, fingers loosely intertwined. (雙手交叉擱在膝蓋上,手指輕鬆地糾纏)

15. Hand Running Through Hair (手指在頭髮間滑動): Running fingers casually through the hair, creating a relaxed gesture. (手指隨意地在頭髮中滑動,形成一種悠閒的手勢)

16. Holding a Book in One Hand (單手持書): Holding a book with one hand, fingers lightly supporting the pages. (單手持書,手指輕輕支撐著頁面)

17. Hands on Hips (雙手擱在腰上): Both hands casually resting on the hips, fingers relaxed. (雙手隨意擱在腰上,手指放鬆)

18. Hand Gesturing Air Quotes (手做空中引號): Making air quotes with fingers in a relaxed and playful manner. (以一種輕鬆愉快的方式用手指做空中引號)

19. Hand Holding Mobile Phone (手持手機): Holding a mobile phone with one hand, fingers lightly gripping the device. (單手持手機,手指輕輕地握住裝置)

20. Hands Behind Head with Legs Stretched Out (手擱在後頸後腿伸展): Hands placed behind the head, legs stretched out, creating a leisurely posture. (雙手擱在後頸後,腿伸展,形成一種悠閒的姿勢)

1. Twirling Pen Between Fingers (手指間轉動筆): Twirling a pen between fingers, creating a continuous spinning motion. (用手指間轉動筆,形成持續的旋轉動作)

2. Balancing Pen on Finger (手指上平衡筆): Balancing a pen on one finger, keeping it steady in a vertical position. (將筆平衡在一根手指上,保持垂直穩定的位置)

3. Pen Spin (筆旋轉): Spinning a pen around its axis using fingers, creating a circular motion. (用手指將筆繞著軸心旋轉,形成圓形運動)

4. Finger Tapping on Pen (手指敲擊筆): Tapping fingers rhythmically on a pen, creating a percussive sound. (手指有節奏地敲擊在筆上,發出有節奏的聲音)

5. Pen Flipping (筆翻轉): Flipping a pen with fingers, making it rotate in mid-air. (用手指翻轉筆,使其在空中旋轉)

6. Pen Between Knuckles (筆夾在指節間): Holding a pen between knuckles, allowing it to rest securely. (將筆夾在指節間,使其安全地擺放)

7. Thumb Spin (拇指旋轉): Spinning a pen with the thumb, creating a rotational motion. (用拇指旋轉筆,形成旋轉運動)

8. Pen Balancing on Back of Hand (筆平衡在手背上): Balancing a pen on the back of the hand, keeping it stable. (將筆平衡在手背上,保持穩定)

9. Pen Rolling on Fingers (筆在手指間滾動): Rolling a pen smoothly across fingers, creating a rolling motion. (用手指間平滑地滾動筆,形成滾動運動)

10. Pen Knuckle Drumming (筆指節鼓擊): Drumming on a surface with the pen held between knuckles. (用夾在指節間的筆在表面上鼓擊)

11. Thumb and Finger Spin (拇指和食指旋轉): Spinning a pen simultaneously between the thumb and forefinger. (同時用拇指和食指旋轉筆)

12. Pen Bouncing on Fingers (筆在手指上彈跳): Bouncing a pen on the tips of fingers, creating a bouncing motion. (將筆在手指尖上彈跳,形成彈跳運動)

13. Pen Swaying Between Fingers (筆在手指間搖擺): Allowing a pen to sway back and forth between fingers. (讓筆在手指間搖擺前後)

14. Pen Tap and Slide (筆敲擊和滑動): Tapping a pen on a surface and sliding it with fingers. (用手指敲擊筆在表面上,並用手指滑動)

15. Pen Juggling (筆戲法): Juggling a pen between fingers, creating a fluid and continuous motion. (用手指戲法地把筆在間中接住,形成流暢的持續動作)

16. Pen Pinch and Rotate (筆夾取和旋轉): Pinching a pen between fingers and rotating it with precision. (用手指夾住筆,並精準地旋轉)

17. Pen Flick (筆甩動): Flicking a pen with the thumb, propelling it forward with a quick motion. (用拇指快速地甩動筆,使其向前推進)

18. Pen Wiggle Between Fingers (筆在手指間擺動): Wiggling a pen between fingers, creating a swaying motion. (在手指間擺動筆,形成搖擺的動作)

19. Pen Slide Between Thumb and Index Finger (筆在拇指和食指間滑動): Sliding a pen smoothly between the thumb and index finger. (在拇指和食指之間平穩地滑動筆)

20. Pen Rolling on Palm (筆在手掌上滾動): Allowing a pen to roll smoothly on the palm of the hand. (讓筆在手掌上平穩地滾動)

1. Patting Head (拍頭): Gently patting the imaginary head of a cute animal with a soft touch. (輕柔地拍打著可愛動物的頭部)

2. Offering Treats (給予零食): Extending an open hand as if offering treats to entice a cute creature. (張開手掌,彷彿在提供零食,引誘可愛生物)

3. Mimicking Feeding (模仿餵食): Pretending to hold an object and mimicking the motion of feeding a small animal. (假裝拿著物品,模仿餵食小動物的動作)

4. Playful Hand Clapping (手掌拍打): Clapping hands together in a playful manner, as if cheering for a cute animal. (以一種愉快的方式拍手,彷彿在為可愛動物加油打氣)

5. Gentle Stroke (輕輕撫摸): Using fingers to make a gentle stroking motion in the air, imitating petting. (用手指在空中輕輕撫摸,模擬撫摸小動物)

6. Finger Puppetry (手指偶戲): Creating playful gestures with fingers, pretending they are characters interacting with a tiny creature. (用手指創造出有趣的手勢,假裝它們是與小動物互動的角色)

7. Making Bunny Ears (做兔耳朵): Using both hands to create bunny ears on top of the head, mimicking a rabbit. (用雙手在頭頂上做出兔子的耳朵,模仿兔子的樣子)

8. Peek-a-Boo (躲貓貓): Using hands to play a peek-a-boo game, covering and uncovering the face with joy. (用手玩躲貓貓的遊戲,開心地遮掩和揭開臉部)

9. Offering a Hand to Sniff (伸手讓聞): Extending a hand as if offering it for a cute animal to sniff and inspect. (伸出手,彷彿供可愛動物嗅聞和檢查)

10. Nose Boop (用鼻子輕點): Playfully booping the air as if touching noses with an imaginary adorable creature. (愉快地在空中用鼻子輕點,彷彿在和可愛動物碰鼻子)

11. Finger Tickling (手指撩癢): Playfully wiggling fingers near an imaginary creature as if tickling it. (愉快地在空中用手指輕輕撩動,彷彿在撩癢小動物)

12. Crafting a Mini Hat (製作小帽子): Pretending to create a tiny hat using hand gestures, as if dressing up a cute critter. (假裝用手勢製作一頂微小的帽子,彷彿在為可愛小動物打扮)

13. Paw Shaking (握爪): Extending a hand as if offering a handshake to mimic shaking paws with an adorable creature. (伸出手,彷彿在與可愛動物握爪打招呼)

14. Making Heart Hands (做愛心手勢): Creating a heart shape with both hands, expressing affection towards an imaginary cute friend. (雙手合成愛心形狀,表達對想像中可愛朋友的情感)

15. Butterfly Landing (蝴蝶降落): Using hands to imitate a butterfly landing delicately on the imaginary hand. (用手模仿蝴蝶優雅地降落在虛構的手上)

16. Gentle Swaying Motion (輕輕搖擺): Swaying hands gently from side to side, creating a soothing and calming gesture for a small creature. (輕輕地將手左右搖擺,為小動物展現出一種舒緩和安撫的手勢)

17. Playing with Tail (戲弄尾巴): Imagining a cute animal’s tail and playfully interacting with it using hand movements. (想像出可愛動物的尾巴,用手勢愉快地互動)

18. Offering a Hand to Jump On (伸手給予跳): Extending a hand as if inviting a tiny creature to jump or perch on it. (伸出手,彷彿邀請小動物跳躍或停留在上面)

19. Soft Petting Motion (柔和撫摸): Making soft and gentle petting motions with the hands, as if comforting a cute animal. (用手柔和地撫摸,彷彿在撫慰可愛動物)

20. Whispering Sweet Nothings (耳語情話): Cupping hands near the mouth and whispering sweet nothings as if communicating affectionately with a small creature. (將雙手捧在嘴邊,像是在與小動物深情交流,輕聲細語)

1. Raised Guard (舉高防守): Hands raised in front of the body, palms facing outward, fingers flexed slightly. (雙手舉高在身前,手掌朝外,手指稍微彎曲)

2. Blocking Stance (擋格姿勢): Arms crossed in front of the body, elbows bent, hands protecting the face and torso. (雙臂交叉在身前,肘部彎曲,手掌保護臉部和軀幹)

3. Fist Ready (拳頭做好準備): Hands clenched into fists, ready to strike or defend, elbows slightly bent. (雙手握成拳頭,隨時準備進攻或防守,肘部稍微彎曲)

4. Palm Strike (掌擊): Hand open, fingers extended, executing a palm strike forward. (手張開,手指伸展,向前進行一次掌擊)

5. Low Block (低位擋格): One hand lowered in front of the body, palm facing outward, blocking the lower region. (一只手降低在身前,手掌朝外,擋住下半身)

6. Knife Hand Block (刀手擋格): Hand positioned like a knife blade, blocking across the body horizontally. (手呈刀刃狀,水平橫跨身體進行擋格)

7. Elbow Strike (肘擊): Striking forward with the pointed part of the elbow, arm bent at a right angle. (用肘部尖端向前擊打,手臂呈直角彎曲)

8. Cross-Arm Defense (交叉手臂防禦): Arms crossed tightly over the chest, protecting the upper body, fingers flexed. (雙臂緊緊交叉在胸前,保護上半身,手指稍微彎曲)

9. Open Hand Stop (手張開制止): Hand extended with fingers spread, signaling a stop or halt motion. (手張開,手指展開,表示制止或停止的動作)

10. Hook Punch Defense (鉤拳防禦): Blocking a hook punch by raising the forearm to shield the head, hand in a fist. (舉起前臂擋住鉤拳,手握拳保護頭部)

11. Knee Block (膝蓋擋格): Lifting one knee to block or shield the midsection from an incoming attack. (舉起一條膝蓋來擋格或保護腹部免受攻擊)

12. Parrying Strike (拍擊擋格): Using one hand to parry or redirect an incoming strike, fingers open. (用一只手拍擊或轉移來襲的攻擊,手指張開)

13. Side Guard (側面防守): One arm raised to the side, elbow bent, protecting the head and torso from lateral attacks. (一只手舉起在側邊,肘部彎曲,保護頭部和軀幹免受側面攻擊)

14. Hammer Fist Strike (槌拳擊打): Striking downward with a clenched fist, resembling a hammer motion. (握拳向下打擊,類似槌擊的動作)

15. Shin Block (脛骨擋格): Raising the shin to block or intercept a low kick or strike. (舉起脛骨擋格或攔截低位的踢擊或打擊)

16. Backward Defense (向後防守): Stepping backward while maintaining a defensive posture, hands ready to block or counter. (向後退步,保持防守姿勢,雙手隨時準備擋格或反擊)

17. Chin Tuck (下巴收縮): Tucking the chin into the chest to protect the neck and face from strikes. (將下巴縮入胸前,保護頸部和臉部免受攻擊)

18. Pushing Block (推擋): Using both hands to push against an incoming force, arms fully extended. (用雙手推擋來抵抗來勢,雙臂完全伸展)

19. Sprawling Defense (擴展防守): Quickly dropping the body weight forward while extending arms to defend against takedowns. (迅速將身體重心向前傾,同時伸展雙臂,防禦對方的摔跤攻擊)

20. Palming Strike (手掌擊打): Striking with an open palm, fingers extended, delivering a powerful and swift blow. (用手掌擊打,手指伸展,給予有力且迅速的打擊)

1. Jabbing (刺擊): Hand extended forward, fingers clenched into a fist. (手向前伸展,手指握成拳頭)

2. Hook Punch (勾拳): Curved punch with the knuckles facing outward, fingers slightly bent. (彎曲的拳擊,指關節朝外,手指輕微彎曲)

3. Palm Strike (掌擊): Hand open with fingers extended, palm thrust forward. (手張開,手指伸展,手掌向前推出)

4. Uppercut (上勾拳): Upward punch with the knuckles facing upward, fingers clenched. (向上的拳擊,指關節朝上,手指握緊)

5. Backhand Slap (反手巴掌): Back of the hand used to slap, fingers extended. (手背用來拍擊,手指伸展)

6. Finger Jab (指刺): Finger extended and jabbed forward. (手指伸展並向前刺出)

7. Chop (刀手): Edge of the hand used in a chopping motion, fingers together. (手刀刃用於劈砍動作,手指合攏)

8. Clawing (爪擊): Fingers extended and curled in a claw-like motion. (手指伸展,彎曲成爪狀動作)

9. Knuckle Roll (指節滾動): Rolling the knuckles in a circular motion. (指關節以圓形動作滾動)

10. Palm Heel Strike (掌心擊): Striking with the heel of the palm, fingers extended. (用掌心擊打,手指伸展)

11. Hammer Fist (錘擊): Fist held with the knuckles facing downward, striking downward. (握拳,指關節向下,向下擊打)

12. Slap (拍擊): Hand swung to slap, fingers and palm used to make contact. (手擺動進行拍擊,手指和手掌用於接觸)

13. Elbow Strike (肘擊): Striking with the elbow, hand clenched into a fist. (用肘擊打,手握成拳頭)

14. Wrist Twist (手腕扭轉): Twisting the wrist in a controlled motion. (以控制動作扭轉手腕)

15. Palm Push (掌心推): Hand open with fingers extended, pushing forward with the palm. (手張開,手指伸展,用掌心向前推進)

16. Back Fist (反拳): Fist swung backward, knuckles facing outward. (拳頭向後擺動,指關節朝外)

17. Thumb Strike (拇指擊): Striking with the thumb, hand clenched into a fist. (用拇指擊打,手握成拳頭)

18. Wrist Chop (手腕斬擊): Chopping motion directed at the opponent’s wrist. (以斬擊動作瞄準對手的手腕)

19. Knuckle Jab (指節刺擊): Jabbing forward with the knuckles. (用指關節向前刺擊)

20. Finger Snap (手指彈): Snapping the fingers together in a quick motion. (手指迅速地彈在一起)

1. Head Shake (搖頭): Head tilted side to side, hand waving in front of the face. (頭側向搖動,手在臉前擺動)

2. Crossed Arms (交叉手臂): Arms crossed in front of the chest, a stern expression. (雙臂交叉於胸前,表情嚴肅)

3. Palm Push (掌心推): Open hand pushing forward, signaling to stop. (張開的手向前推,示意停止)

4. Finger Wag (搖指): Index finger wagging side to side in a disapproving manner. (食指左右搖動,表示不贊同)

5. Hand Stop (手勢停止): Hand extended with an open palm facing outward, signaling to halt. (伸出的手,手掌朝外,示意停止)

6. No Nod (搖頭否定): Head shaking in a negative manner, hand making a downward motion. (頭搖動表否定,手向下移動)

7. X Sign (叉叉手勢): Crossing arms in an X shape in front of the body. (雙臂交叉形成X形於身前)

8. Finger Point (指指手勢): Index finger pointing directly, emphasizing rejection. (食指直指,強調拒絕)

9. Pushing Away (推開手勢): Hand pushing forward in a dismissive gesture. (手向前推,表示拒絕)

10. Closed Fist (握拳手勢): Fist clenched tightly, indicating resistance or refusal. (握緊的拳頭,表示抗拒或拒絕)

11. Hand Swipe (手勢掃過): Hand swiping horizontally in front, indicating rejection. (手水平掃過前方,表示拒絕)

12. Stop Sign (停止標誌): Hand raised with the palm facing outward, signaling to stop. (舉起的手,手掌朝外,示意停止)

13. Backward Hand Wave (手勢往後擺): Hand waved backward, signaling to retreat or reject. (手向後擺動,表示撤退或拒絕)

14. Shoulder Shrug (聳肩手勢): Shoulders lifted in a shrug, hands raised slightly. (肩膀聳動,手微微舉起)

15. Dismissive Wave (手勢招手): Hand waved dismissively, signaling disapproval. (手輕揮,表示不贊同)

16. Crossed Fingers (交叉手指): Fingers crossed as a gesture of hopelessness or denial. (手指交叉,表示絕望或否認)

17. Side Head Shake (搖頭否定): Head shaking left to right, indicating a negative response. (頭左右搖動,表示否定回應)

18. Pushing Down (手勢向下壓): Hand moving downward, signaling rejection or denial. (手向下移動,表示拒絕或否認)

19. Fist Shake (握拳搖動): Fist shaking in a disapproving manner. (握拳搖動,表示不滿)

20. Arm Cross with Point (交叉手臂指指): Arms crossed with index finger pointing, emphasizing refusal. (雙臂交叉,食指指向,強調拒絕)

1. Handshake (握手): Extended hand with fingers open, gripped with another extended hand. (伸出的手,手指張開,與另一伸出手握手)

2. Open Arms (張開雙臂): Arms opened wide, palms facing forward in a welcoming gesture. (雙臂張開,手掌向前,表示歡迎)

3. High Five (高擊掌): Raised hand slapped against another raised hand. (舉起的手與另一舉起的手擊掌)

4. Hug (擁抱): Arms opened wide, ready for an embrace. (雙臂張開,準備擁抱)

5. Namaste (合十致敬): Palms pressed together in a prayer-like gesture at chest level. (雙掌合十於胸前,表示尊敬)

6. Clapping (拍手): Palms brought together in a clapping motion. (雙掌拍在一起,表示歡迎)

7. Thumbs Up (竖起大拇指): Thumb extended upward, other fingers closed into a fist. (大拇指向上伸直,其他手指握成拳頭)

8. Waving Hello (揮手打招呼): Hand raised and moved up and down, fingers slightly spread. (手舉起,上下搖動,手指輕微分開)

9. Okay Sign (OK手勢): Thumb and index finger forming a circle, other fingers extended. (大拇指和食指形成一個圓圈,其他手指伸展)

10. Finger Pointing Up (指向天空): Index finger extended, pointing upward. (食指伸出,指向上方)

11. Victory Sign (勝利手勢): Index and middle fingers raised in a V-shape. (食指和中指舉起,形成V形)

12. Salute (敬禮): Hand raised to the forehead in a salute position. (手舉至額前,敬禮的姿勢)

13. Open Palms (張開雙掌): Both palms opened and facing outward in a welcoming manner. (雙掌張開,手掌朝外,歡迎的姿態)

14. Wrist Wave (手腕揮動): Waving the wrist in a friendly gesture. (手腕搖動,表示友善的打招呼)

15. Nodding (點頭): Head nodding affirmatively, accompanied by a welcoming hand motion. (頭部肯定地點頭,伴隨著友善的手勢)

16. Open Hand Gesture (張開手勢): Hand open with fingers extended, palm facing outward. (手張開,手指伸展,手掌朝外)

17. Air Hug (虛擬擁抱): Mimicking a hug by crossing arms and patting own shoulders. (模擬擁抱,交叉雙臂,拍打自己的肩膀)

18. Fist Bump (擊拳): Closed fist bumped against another closed fist. (握拳與另一握拳碰撞)

19. Beckoning (招手): Fingers curled in a beckoning motion, inviting someone to come closer. (手指彎曲,招手邀請對方靠近)

20. Hand Heart (手愛心): Forming a heart shape with the hands, expressing love and welcome. (雙手搭成心形,表達愛和歡迎)

1. Blowing Kiss (飛吻): Lips puckered, fingers blown towards the recipient in a kissing motion. (嘴唇噘起,手指向接收者飛吻)

2. Heart Shape (愛心手勢): Forming a heart shape with both hands by crossing thumbs and fingers. (雙手交叉,拇指和手指形成愛心)

3. Hand Over Heart (手放在心臟上): Placing one hand over the heart as a symbol of affection. (將一只手放在心臟上,象徵深情)

4. Holding Hands (攜手): Interlocking fingers with another person, symbolizing unity and connection. (與他人交握手指,象徵團結和聯繫)

5. Forehead Kiss (額頭親吻): Gently kissing the recipient’s forehead with a touch of the lips. (輕柔地用嘴唇親吻接收者的額頭)

6. Cheek Kiss (臉頰親吻): Lightly kissing the cheek of the recipient. (輕柔地吻接收者的臉頰)

7. Holding Wrist (握住手腕): Gently holding the other person’s wrist as a sign of affection. (輕柔地握住對方的手腕,表達情感)

8. Finger Interlock (手指交叉): Interlocking fingers with the other person in a gesture of connection. (與他人交叉手指,表達聯繫之情)

9. Hand on Shoulder (手放在肩膀上): Placing a hand on the other person’s shoulder as a comforting gesture. (將手放在對方的肩膀上,表示安慰)

10. Butterfly Kiss (蝴蝶親吻): Fluttering eyelashes against the recipient’s cheek in a gentle kissing motion. (睫毛輕輕地碰觸接收者的臉頰,如同蝴蝶親吻)

11. Pinky Promise (小指交叉誓約): Hooking pinkies with another person to make a promise. (用小指與他人交叉,作為一種承諾)

12. Nose Boop (鼻子輕碰): Gently touching noses with the other person. (輕柔地用鼻子碰觸對方)

13. Hand Kiss (手背親吻): Kissing the back of the other person’s hand with a gesture of respect. (親吻對方手背,表達尊重)

14. Eskimo Kiss (愛斯基摩親吻): Rubbing noses with the other person in a sweet and affectionate manner. (與他人用鼻子互相摩擦,表達甜蜜的情感)

15. Promise Ring (許下的手勢): Ring finger extended with an imaginary ring, symbolizing a promise. (伸出無形的戒指,象徵著一個承諾)

16. Hug from Behind (背後擁抱): Wrapping arms around the other person from behind in a warm embrace. (從背後將手臂環繞對方,溫馨擁抱)

17. Hand in Hand (攜手): Holding hands with fingers intertwined, demonstrating unity. (手牽手,手指緊密相扣,展現團結)

18. Foot Pop (腳尖挺起): Standing on tiptoes with a playful foot pop while expressing affection. (站在腳尖,輕鬆地挺起腳尖,表達深情)

19. Double High Five (雙手擊掌): Giving two high fives simultaneously with both hands. (雙手同時給予兩個高擊掌)

20. Wrist Kiss (手腕親吻): Gently kissing the other person’s wrist as a tender gesture. (輕柔地吻對方的手腕,表達溫柔情感)

1. Covering Face (掩面): Hands placed over the face, fingers spread, and palms pressing against it. (雙手覆蓋臉部,手指張開,手掌壓在臉上)

2. Trembling Hands (手顫抖): Palms facing outward, fingers trembling as they extend slightly. (手掌朝外,手指微微顫動)

3. Clutching Chest (抱胸): Arms crossed over the chest, hands clutching opposite shoulders. (雙臂交叉於胸前,雙手緊握對側肩膀)

4. Hiding Behind Hands (躲在手後): Hands covering the face with fingers slightly parted, peeking through. (雙手覆蓋臉部,手指輕微分開,透過手縫偷看)

5. Nail Biting (咬指甲): Hand brought to the mouth, fingers nibbling nervously on the nails. (手移到嘴巴前,手指緊張地咬著指甲)

6. Backing Away (往後退): Hands held in a defensive position, palms facing outward, stepping backward. (雙手採取防禦姿勢,手掌朝外,向後踱步)

7. Shaking Hands (手顫抖): Extended hands trembling involuntarily, expressing fear or anxiety. (伸出的手不自主地顫抖,表達害怕或焦慮)

8. Crossed Arms (交叉手臂): Arms crossed over the chest, creating a protective barrier. (雙臂交叉於胸前,形成一個保護屏障)

9. Wringing Hands (擰手): Rubbing hands together nervously, fingers entwined and twisting. (手緊張地擰在一起,手指糾結扭動)

10. Hand Tremor (手部震顫): Hands visibly shaking, fingers trembling with anxiety. (雙手明顯地震顫,手指因焦慮而顫動)

11. Nervous Fidgeting (緊張亂動): Constantly moving hands, fingers fidgeting and tapping anxiously. (手不斷地移動,手指緊張地亂動和敲擊)

12. Cowering Hands (縮在一旁): Hands pulled close to the body, fingers curled, as if trying to make oneself smaller. (雙手拉近身體,手指縮曲,彷彿試圖讓自己變小)

13. Trembling Fingers (手指顫抖): Isolated fingers visibly shaking, expressing fear or nervousness. (獨立的手指明顯地顫抖,表達害怕或緊張)

14. Hunched Shoulders (耸肩): Shoulders raised, hands brought close to the neck, indicating fear or discomfort. (肩膀抬高,雙手靠近頸部,表示害怕或不適)

15. Hands Clasped (雙手緊握): Both hands tightly clasped together, fingers intertwined in a show of anxiety. (雙手緊緊握在一起,手指交織,表達焦慮)

16. Fist Clenching (握拳): Hands forming tight fists, knuckles clenched, signaling tension or fear. (雙手握緊成拳頭,指關節緊縮,表示緊張或害怕)

17. Shielding Face (遮掩臉部): Hands positioned to shield the face, fingers covering eyes or forehead. (雙手擺在臉部保護,手指蓋住眼睛或額頭)

18. Shivering Hands (手顫抖): Hands visibly trembling, fingers shaking involuntarily. (雙手明顯地顫抖,手指不自主地顫動)

19. Frozen Hands (雙手僵硬): Hands held stiffly, fingers immobile, as if paralyzed by fear. (雙手僵硬地保持,手指不動,彷彿被害怕所麻痺)

20. White-Knuckled Grip (緊握成白): Hands gripping tightly, knuckles turning white due to extreme tension or fear. (雙手緊緊握住,指關節因極度的緊張或害怕而變白)

1. Applause (鼓掌): Palms brought together in a clapping motion, expressing joy. (雙手拍在一起,表示喜悅)

2. Thumbs Up (竖起大拇指): Thumb extended upward in a positive and approving gesture. (大拇指向上伸直,表示正面和贊同)

3. High Five (高擊掌): Raised hand slapped against another raised hand, symbolizing celebration. (舉起的手與另一舉起的手擊掌,象徵著慶祝)

4. Peace Sign (和平手勢): Forming a V-shape with the index and middle fingers, symbolizing peace. (食指和中指形成V形,象徵和平)

5. Jumping Fist Pump (歡呼擊掌): Fist pumped in the air while jumping, expressing excitement. (舉拳歡呼,跳躍中表達興奮)

6. Jazz Hands (爵士手勢): Fingers splayed and rapidly waved in an energetic and joyful manner. (手指展開,快速擺動,充滿活力和歡愉)

7. Victory Sign (勝利手勢): Index and middle fingers raised in a V-shape, signifying victory. (食指和中指舉起,形成V形,表示勝利)

8. Clapping Hands (拍手): Palms brought together in a rhythmic clapping motion, expressing happiness. (雙手拍在一起,有節奏地拍動,表示快樂)

9. Heart Hands (愛心手勢): Forming a heart shape with both hands by crossing thumbs and fingers. (雙手交叉,拇指和手指形成愛心)

10. Hug Motion (擁抱動作): Arms crossed over the chest and squeezed in a self-hug, indicating warmth. (雙臂交叉於胸前,擁抱自己,表達溫馨)

11. Double High Five (雙手擊掌): Giving two high fives simultaneously with both hands. (雙手同時給予兩個高擊掌,表示雙倍的慶祝)

12. Air Guitar (彈空吉他): Pretending to strum an imaginary guitar with enthusiasm and joy. (假裝彈奏一把虛構的吉他,充滿熱情和歡樂)

13. Waving Hello (揮手打招呼): Hand raised and moved up and down, fingers slightly spread. (手舉起,上下搖動,手指輕微分開)

14. Dance Move (舞動手勢): Hands moving in a rhythmic dance motion, expressing joy through movement. (雙手按節奏舞動,通過動作表達歡樂)

15. Open Arms (張開雙臂): Arms opened wide, palms facing forward in a welcoming and joyful gesture. (雙臂張開,手掌向前,歡迎和歡樂的手勢)

16. Happy Clap (歡笑拍手): Clapping hands together with a smile, showing happiness. (歡笑中拍手,展現快樂)

17. Finger Snap (手指彈): Snapping the fingers together in a quick and lively motion. (手指迅速地彈在一起,充滿活力)

18. Fist Pump (歡呼擊掌): Fist pumped in the air, expressing enthusiasm and celebration. (舉拳歡呼,表達熱情和慶祝)

19. Joyful Jump (歡樂跳躍): Jumping with arms raised, showcasing pure joy and excitement. (跳躍時舉起雙臂,展現純粹的歡樂和興奮)

20. Finger Pointing Up (指向天空): Index finger extended, pointing upward in a gesture of joy and optimism. (食指伸出,向上指,表達歡樂和樂觀)

1. Hair Toss (擺髮): Hand raised, fingers run through hair, tossing it with a seductive motion. (手舉起,手指滑過頭髮,以性感動作擺動)

2. Shoulder Shimmy (肩部擺動): Shoulders moved in a shimmying motion, hands subtly tracing the contours. (肩部以擺動的動作,手巧妙地描繪輪廓)

3. Hip Sway (臀部擺動): Hips swayed from side to side, hands following the sensual movement. (臀部左右擺動,手跟隨感性的動作)

4. Neck Tracing (頸部追蹤): Fingers sensually traced along the neck, highlighting its curvature. (手指感性地沿著頸部追蹤,突顯其曲線)

5. Sensual Grind (性感擦身): Hips and hands engaged in a slow, sensual grinding motion. (臀部和手以緩慢、性感的擦身動作)

6. Finger Tease (手指戲弄): Fingers teasingly moved over the body, evoking a flirtatious allure. (手指戲弄地在身體上移動,勾起挑逗誘惑)

7. Chest Roll (胸部滾動): Hands smoothly rolled over the chest, emphasizing its curves. (手巧妙地滾動在胸部上,強調其曲線)

8. Leg Trace (腿部追蹤): Fingers sensually traced along the legs, accentuating their shape. (手指感性地沿著腿部追蹤,突顯其形狀)

9. Seductive Stare (性感凝視): Hands gestured seductively, while eyes maintained a captivating gaze. (手以性感的手勢,眼神保持迷人的凝視)

10. Belly Dance Circles (肚皮舞圓圈): Hands drawing circles on the belly in a mesmerizing belly dance motion. (手在肚皮上畫出圓圈,以迷人的肚皮舞動作)

11. Teasing Finger Snap (戲弄彈指): Fingers teasingly snapped in a flirtatious manner, adding a playful element. (手指戲弄地以挑逗的方式彈指,增添俏皮的元素)

12. Slow Body Wave (緩慢身體波浪): Hands initiated a gradual wave motion along the body, creating a sultry effect. (手啟動沿著身體的逐漸波浪運動,形成性感效果)

13. Sultry Gaze and Arm Trace (性感凝視和手臂追蹤): Seductive gaze combined with hands tracing sensually along the arms. (性感的凝視結合手感性地沿著手臂追蹤)

14. Knee Slides (膝部滑動): Hands glided along the knees, enhancing the allure of knee movements. (手巧妙地滑動在膝蓋上,增強膝部動作的吸引力)

15. Arching Back (背部弓起): Hands supported a slow arching motion of the back, creating a seductive curve. (手支持背部緩慢的弓起運動,形成性感的曲線)

16. Waist Twist (腰部扭動): Hands guided a twisting motion of the waist, accentuating its sensuality. (手引導腰部的扭動運動,突顯其性感)

17. Leg Lift and Point (腿部抬起和指向): Hands involved in lifting a leg, pointing the toes with a flirtatious flair. (手參與抬起一條腿,以挑逗的風采指向腳尖)

18. Seductive Arm Curl (性感手臂捲曲): Hands curled seductively along the arms, highlighting their contour. (手以性感的方式沿著手臂捲曲,凸顯其輪廓)

19. Body Roll (身體滾動): Hands and body engaged in a smooth, sensual rolling motion. (手和身體參與一個平滑、性感的滾動動作)

20. Teasing Leg Brush (挑逗腿部刷過): Fingers teasingly brushed along the legs, creating a teasing sensation. (手指戲弄地沿著腿部刷過,形成挑逗的感覺)

1. Finger Tracing (手指追蹤): Fingers sensually tracing patterns in the air or on the body. (手指感性地在空中或身體上追蹤圖案)

2. Lip Bite (咬唇): Hand lifting to gently bite the edge of the lower lip in a teasing manner. (手輕輕抬起,以挑逗方式咬住下唇邊緣)

3. Hair Flip (擺髮): Hand tossing hair in a flirty and playful manner. (手以俏皮而好玩的方式擺動頭髮)

4. Seductive Eye Gaze (性感凝視): Hands framing the face, emphasizing a seductive gaze. (雙手環繞臉部,強調性感的凝視)

5. Shoulder Brush (輕拂肩): Fingers lightly brushing over the shoulder, creating a teasing touch. (手指輕輕拂過肩膀,製造挑逗的觸感)

6. Teasing Finger Snap (挑逗彈指): Fingers teasingly snapping in a flirtatious manner. (手指戲弄地以挑逗的方式彈指)

7. Hip Sway (臀部擺動): Hands moving in sync with a sensual swaying motion of the hips. (手隨著臀部性感擺動的節奏同步移動)

8. Cheek Caress (輕撫臉頰): Hand delicately caressing the cheek with a gentle touch. (手輕柔地撫摸臉頰,溫柔的觸感)

9. Neck Nuzzle (頸部愛撫): Hand softly nuzzling or stroking the neck in an affectionate manner. (手柔軟地依偎或撫摸頸部,表現親昵的方式)

10. Teasing Wink (挑逗眨眼): Hands emphasizing a playful wink, adding a flirtatious touch. (雙手強調俏皮的眨眼,增添挑逗的氛圍)

11. Finger Curl (手指捲曲): Fingers curling and uncurling in a teasing and inviting motion. (手指在挑逗和邀請的動作中捲曲和伸展)

12. Teasing Chin Tilt (挑逗下巴傾斜): Hand tilting the chin in a teasing manner, creating an enticing angle. (手以挑逗的方式傾斜下巴,形成引人入勝的角度)

13. Teasing Shoulder Roll (挑逗肩膀滾動): Hands engaging in a seductive shoulder roll, enhancing allure. (雙手進行性感的肩膀滾動,增強吸引力)

14. Hand on Hip (手放在臀部): One hand resting confidently on the hip, exuding self-assurance. (一隻手自信地放在臀部,流露出自信)

15. Teasing Leg Cross (挑逗交叉腿): Hands accentuating a teasing leg cross, adding a seductive touch. (雙手強調挑逗性感的交叉腿動作,增添性感的感覺)

16. Teasing Shoulder Dip (挑逗肩膀下垂): Hands involved in a teasing shoulder dip, creating a seductive sway. (雙手參與挑逗性感的肩膀下垂,形成性感的擺動)

17. Suggestive Finger Point (挑逗指點): Fingers pointing suggestively, drawing attention with a flirtatious gesture. (手指挑逗地指向,以挑逗的手勢引起注意)

18. Sensual Head Tilt (感性傾頭): Hand gently tilting the head in a sensual and inviting manner. (手輕柔地傾斜頭部,以感性和邀請的方式)

19. Teasing Leg Lift (挑逗抬腿): Hands emphasizing a teasing leg lift, showcasing elegance and allure. (雙手強調挑逗性感的抬腿,展示優雅和吸引力)

20. Seductive Hand Fan (性感手持扇): Hand sensually fanning the face or body, adding a seductive flair. (手感性地搖動風扇,為臉部或身體增添性感風采)

1. Hand Restrained (手被束縛): Hands held tightly together as if bound or restrained. (雙手緊緊地綁在一起,彷彿受到束縛)